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Exporting design issues to Excel

You can export your design issue data to an Excel file that also show who created the report and when.

You can export your design issue data using Export to Excel. This creates a spreadsheet containing data such as Status, Issue Type, Created and Assigned details, and Comments. It also shows who the report was created by and when they created it.

The complete list is:

  • Issue number
  • Status
  • Type
  • Title
  • Assigned to
  • Due date
  • Priority
  • Issue set
  • Description
  • Created on
  • Created by
  • Subject models
  • Comments

Exporting design issues to Excel

To do this, open Issues, then select Reports/Export to Excel. Downloading the file takes very little time, but this can be a few minutes if you're exporting a lot of data.

The Issues screen with Reports/Export to Excel highlighted.

This graphic shows an example of a design issue data report in Excel.

Design issue report in Excel example.

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