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Models Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you an overview of all your design issue activities and allows you to review and edit their details.

When you open Models/Dashboard you will see the screen is made up of two areas:

The left side shows an overview of a project’s design issue activity by:

  • project activity – a summary of all the issues on your project by status and type:
  • issues assigned to me – a summary of all the issues that need your attention:
    • includes a button to View issues assigned to me
  • issues organization to organizations – allows you to view Issue status by organization
    • includes a button to View issues assigned to my organization

The right side provides an overview of the design Coordination sets:

  • shows an overview about issue sets:
    • Includes a button on each set to View issues
  • is where issue sets are created and edited
  • is where you can drill down into a set’s issue details.
An example of a dashboard showing the two main areas of Issues and Issue sets.

Issue activity overview

An example of the Issue Activity panel with the types of issues highlighted.

Issues assigned to me

An example of the Issues assigned to me panel.

Issue status by organization

An example of the Issue status by Org panel.

Issue sets panel

An example of the Design Issue sets panel with the Edit and Filter fields highlighted.

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