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Reviewing Issue activity

The Activities panel gives you a quick overview of all the updates, such as re-assigning it and changing its due by date, that have been made to an issue.

Understanding issue activity

When you create an issue it can be saved with a number of parameters such as who the issue is assigned to, its due by date and a description. Most of this data can be edited. For example you might want to re-assign the task or change the due date. You can also add comments to the Activities panel. You can update an issue by opening by:

  • selecting Models/Issues
  • selecting View all issues from the dashboard
  • opening a Issue set from the dashboard.
The dashboard showing the three ways of opening Issues.

Any edits and comments that are made on an issue cannot be deleted or edited. This ensures there is a audit trail for any changes.

You can access the Activities panel by clicking it’s icon in the Information column, which also shows a running total of all activities for an issue. Initially the information shown is the basic details create when the issue was set up.

The issue Activity panel with the Information section highlighted.

If the issue is then edited, the new information is shown at the top of the panel, and the Activity count number in the Information panel increases. The information that is added shows:

  • who edited the issue
  • their organization
  • the date of the change
  • what the change was.
The Activity panel showing information how the issue has been edited.

In this example there are now six activities.

  1. The bottom three activities are the ones created when the issue was set up.
  2. The top three have all been made after the issue was setup.
The issue Activities panel showing all the changes that have been made to the issue.

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