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Filtering comments in Models

Use the filter feature to find the specific comments or groups of comment types you're interested in.

You can filter comments for a variety of reasons. For example, you might want to review all the comments for a particular object or building. Or you might want to bulk edit or export them.

  1. Open the model or models whose comments you want to review in Model Stacks.

  2. Click Comments to see the Filter comments window. 

  3. From here you can select, deselect, hide and show the options you can choose to filter by. These are:

    • Status - these can be Open or Resolved or Closed. Select or deselect these to show or hide them in the Model Stack. Note that Closed is hidden by default.

    • Add more and No filters applied. Add some...  - use these to show more options to choose between. 

    • Hide others - use this to hide the options you don't want to use.

    • Assigned to, Type, Modified by and Model stack - use these to filter and refine the the comments shown.

  4. When you’ve finished, click Apply to update the comments shown in Model Stacks.

  5. To change the comments being shown, re-open Filter comments and de-select the options you no longer want to apply.

The Filter comments window showing the filters you can apply to comments.

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