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Linking documents to objects in a model

Attach files in the Document Register to your model.

When you link a document to a model, any user who can see that document in the Aconex document register, and has Models access, will see it attached to the model in Models.

If the document is marked as Confidential, or it hasn’t been transmitted to the user via Aconex, that person won’t see it as a linked document in Models. The document will not appear in the linked documents counter, nor will it be visible in the list of linked docs.

Linking to documents

  1. Select the model you want to view in the Model Stack.
  2. Once the model is loaded, select the object (or objects) you want to link documents to.
  3. The Selected Object toolbar then appears at the bottom of the viewer. It shows a counter if documents are already linked to that object. If the object has no linked documents, no number will show. 
The Linked docs icon and Add button.
  1. Click Linked docs, then the Add icon to open the Document Register.
An example of the Documents Register.
  1. Search for the documents you want to link. You can refine the search using the field next the Search button. For example, entering DWG only returns drawing files.
  2. Select the documents you want to link.
  3. Click Add to run the process.
  4. Once this has finished you’ll be able to see the linked documents under the viewer in Models. Note that the Linked docs counter has been updated.
The Linked Docs pane showing the details of the files you've linked, and the updated Linked docs counter.

Deleting and downloading linked documents

Once you’ve linked to documents, you can download them and remove them.

  • To download them, hover the mouse of the document’s details, then click the Download icon.
  • To remove a document, select it to enable the Remove icon, then click on it.
The Download and Remove icons.

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