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Opening issue viewpoints in the viewer

Viewpoints are views created to show a specific view or objects in a model. You can open these in the Model viewer.

Once you’ve opened a viewpoint in the viewer, you can move it around, rotate and zoom etc, as you would with a model stack. You can also carry out and use all the other tasks and options such as showing and hiding other objects, reviewing linked docs and mail, and review the objects properties.

Opening issue viewpoints in the viewer

  1. To see the viewpoint, select the Viewpoints tab in Model Stacks.
  2. Click on the viewpoint to open it in the viewer.
The loading a viewpoint message you may see when opening a viewpoint.

Using Viewpoint options

Each viewpoint shows the following information:

  • Title - the name given to it by its creator. This is the only field you can edit.
  • Details - this shows the date the viewpoint was created and the type of viewpoint it is. These are:
    • Organization
    • Project
    • My viewpoint (these are personal viewpoints. - you can only see your own ones.)
An example of a Viewpoint's information showing its title, type and date created.

You can run a number of options on viewpoints that will help you find, re-order. These are:

  • Searching
  • Filtering by All, OrganizationProject, and My viewpoint.
  • Sorting by Name or Date.
The search, sort and filter options.

You can also re-name and delete viewpoints.

The edit and remove menu options and corresponding windows.

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