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Raising a process from within Models

You can start a process such as raising and Request for Information or Variation from with Models. This speeds up your work as you can create and send processes without leaving Models.

You can create a process from an object that gets added automatically to the RFI mail. This speeds up the process as you can do all this from within Models. Aside from not leaving Models, the process is the same as creating a process in the Mail module.

Creating a mail process from within Models

  1. Open a Model Stack.
  2. Select Add/Mail.
Selecting Mail from the Add menu.
  1. This opens Step 1 of 2 of the Send new mail window. 
  2. Add screenshot markup if required.
Step 1 of the Send new mail window with the markup tools, Skip and Next button highlighted.
  1. Use either Skip or Next to open the Mail module. Opening mail is Step 2 of Send new mail.
  2. Select the process from the Types field. For example, an RFI or a Variation.
  3. You can also see the file you’ve created for the process under the Subject field.
An example of Step 2, with Type and Attachments highlighted.
  1. Select the recipient and fill in all the other fields including the ones in the process you selected in the Type field.
  2. Fill in the form fields as required.
  3. When you’ve finished, press Send to close Mail and return to Explore+.

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