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Replying to a mail sent via Models

If you’ve received mail from Models, you can reply to it, download attached files, and view the model all from Aconex Mail.
  1. Open the mail either by clicking the link in the email notification you’ve received, or on the Tasks page in Aconex.
  2. From here you can:
    • Open and view the marked-up screenshot of the model in the Models viewer by selecting the link in Model Viewpoint. This lets you to match the Models viewpoint with the marked-up screenshot and review the issue being raised.
    • Download either the zipped file and/or an individual file in File Attachments.
    • Reply to the sender or to everyone the mail was sent to using the Reply and Reply to all buttons.
An example of a mail sent from models with the Model Viewpoint the File attachments areas highlighted.
  1. If you’re replying, complete the fields for the mail as you would with any other mail. For more information see Replying to mail in Aconex.
  2. Click Send to finish the process. 

Your sent mail is saved in the Mail register along with all other project mail, and remains linked to the model views you've included. You can also see the mail in the Selected object/Linked mail under the viewer.

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