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Working with viewpoints

Learn how to add, view and delete personal viewpoints in a model.

Viewpoints are like personal bookmarks within a model or collection of models that show views you can come back to in the future. They can be private, but you can also share them either everyone on a project, or everyone in your organization.

Adding a viewpoint

  1. Load the models you want to view.
  2. Navigate to the area you’re interested in.
  3. When you’re happy with the location, select Add/Viewpoint.
The Add menu showing the Viewpoint option.
  1. Enter a title.
  2. Select how you want to share the viewpoint:
    1. Do not share
    2. Share with everyone in my organization
    3. Share with everyone on this project
  3. Click Add to add the view to the Model Stack pane.
The New Viewpoint window.
  1. If you selected Share with everyone on this project in Step 5, you will see the New Viewpoint window. Here you can chose to share either the viewpoint or all of the models currently visible in the viewer.
    • Share model views with everyone on this project – this shares all the models currently open in the viewer.

    • Do not share model views – this only share the viewpoint: it does not share the models currently open in the viewer.

The Share viewpoint window.
  1. To see your new viewpoint, select Viewpoints.

The following example shows the different types of sharing you can apply to a viewpoint.

The Viewpoints option in Model Stacks.

Viewing a saved viewpoint

  1. Click Viewpoints in Model Stack.
  2. Click on the viewpoint you want to see to load it in the viewer.
Selecting Viewpoints in Model Stacks.

Deleting a viewpoint

  1. Click Viewpoints in Model Stacks.
  2. Find the viewpoint you want to delete.
  3. Click the three-dot menu and select Remove.
  4. Select the warning message.
The Delete Viewpoint warning message.

Adding Viewpoints with comments in Issues

If you're reviewing a design issue you can add additional context using Viewpoint with comment. To do this, select the plus sign in the menu on Model Viewpoint panel and select Viewpoint with comment.

Adding a viewpoints with a comment.

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