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Adding models from the Document Register

As Model Explore and Coordination are integrated with the Document Register, you can quickly and easily add models held in the register to the Model Stack.

You can only add files to the Model Stack if your user role has the Create Model Stack permission. See your Models Admin for more information.

  1. Select Documents/ Document Register.
  2. Complete one or more search criteria fields as required. You can save time searching for the appropriate files by selecting Model from the Type field. When you run your search, it will only return model files.
  3. Click Search.
Searching the document register, with the Type field and Models highlighted.

You can only upload files of the type: IFC, IFC Zip and placeholders. 

  1. Select each document you want to add to the Model Stack.
The search results showing four files have been selected.
  1. Click the Tools button, and select Add model stacks in Models. This opens the Add Model Stacks window.
Selecting Add Model Stacks from the Tools menu.
  1. Click Continue to start the upload process.
Clicking the Continue button.
  1. Once the process has finished, the Model stacks successfully added… window will open. Your files are now available in Models.
 The Model stacks successfully added window.

You can now see the new files in the Model Stack.

The Model Stack showing the four new files.

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