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Adding, Moving and Removing Sections in Models

You can easily view the internal objects and parts of a model using sections.

You use sections to hide parts of a model and giving you a clearer view the area you’re interested in. For example, you might want to see the interior of a room. You can show this by creating a section that cuts through the building to show its interior. You can use multiple sections. 

Adding sections

  1. Start by loading the model you want to view.
  2. Navigate to the viewpoint you need.
  3. Click on the Section icon in the top toolbar and select New Section.
  4. Position your mouse pointer over a surface of the model. This overlays a red box indicating its position and plane. Note: you can exit new section mode by pressing Escape.
  5. Click on the surface to create the section plane. You can create up to six planes in one model.

Working with sections

To move a section through the model, select the section drag handle and drag it in the direction indicated.

Removing sections

To remove a single section, right click its drag handle and select Remove section.

Clearing multiple sections

To clear all sections, click the Section icon and select Clear sections.

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