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Adding a new Model Stack

You can add more model stacks to Models by uploading new files from your computer or from the Document Register.

When you add a model stack, you automatically become its Administrator. This means you control the stack and can give upload privileges to others. See Model Stack access levels for more information. See also Uploading a new revision of a model.

For local file model stacks, you can add the following file formats types:

  • IFC
  • IFC Zip
  • Zip and placeholders (no attached file).

A Zip file can only contain one file of IFC, IFC Zip format types.

For Document Register model stacks you can add the following file formats types:

  • IFC,
  • IFC Zip,
  • Zip,
  • Revit and placeholders.

A Zip file can only contain one file of IFC, IFC Zip or Revit format type.

Adding a new model

  1. Click the Add icon in Model Stacks.
  2. Select either From document register or Local file.
  1. This opens either the Document register or the Add new model stack window, see below for examples of both.

Adding from the Document Register

  1. Select From Document Register, to open it. The following example shows the register with search criteria already entered.
  1. Select the files you want to add using the checkboxes on the left, then press Add.
  2. This opens the Adding model stacks to Models window listing the details of the files selected. If this incudes the wrong file type, you will see a warning message. However, you can still upload the other files from this window.
  3. Press Continue to add them to the Models Stack. Larger files may take a few seconds to process.

In the following example the icons are orange, indicating that the files have failed to process. If this happens you can try exporting the IFC again or review the files to see what might be causing the problem.

Adding using Local File

  1. Select Local File, then enter a name and click Add.
The Add new model stack window.
  1. This opens a window showing the stack has been created and that you are its administrator. Here you can continue uploading the stack, or change the Admin and Editor settings.
  2. Select Upload a model, find the IFC file, then click Upload.
  3. When this is complete, the new file will appears in your Model stacks menu.

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