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Controlling access to model stacks and removing them

As an administrator for a stack you can add and remove users who are editors or admins for it. You can also permanently delete the stack.

When you add a model stack, you automatically become its Administrator. This means you can control the stack by adding and removing users, and by changing their privileges. See Model Stack access levels for more information.

Users without Administrator or Editor access to a model stack can view the model stack details menu item.

  1. Click the menu icon for appropriate model in the Model Stack menu.
  2. Select Model stack settings.
The Model Stack Settings option in Model Stacks.

Here you can:

  • see the users who’ve already been added
  • find new users using Add more people
  • change their role to  either Admin or Editor
  • remove the Model Stack.

When you’ve finished, close and save your changes using the X in the top right corner of the window.

The User Access Control window with the options highlighted.

Removing a model stack

Be careful when selecting this option. Removing a model stack removes access to ALL of its revisions for ALL project members, not just your organization.

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