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Navigating a Model in Walkthrough Mode

In Walkthrough mode you can rotate the model, pan and zoom in and out, as well as select and hide objects.

Selecting a navigation mode

  1. Start by selecting the model in the Model Stack to open it in the viewer. This automatically opens it in Perspective mode.
  2. Click on the Navigation icon, then select Walkthrough mode. Notice that the navigation icon changes to the one you select.
walkthrough mode

To navigate:

  • Rotating the model in three dimensions from your viewpoint: click and drag the mouse.
  • Walking forwards: press the up arrow key, or W.
  • Walking backwards: press the down arrow key, or S.
  • Moving right: press the right arrow key, or D.
  • Moving left: press the left arrow key, or A.
  • Stepping right: press SHIFT and the right arrow key, or D.
  • Stepping left: press SHIFT and the left arrow key, or A.
  • Looking up: press SHIFT and the up arrow key, or W.
  • Looking down: press SHIFT and the down arrow key, or S.
  • Moving up one level: press Page Up.
  • Moving down one level: press Page Down.
  • Toggling collisions on or off: press C.
  • Toggling gravity on or off: press G.
  • Resetting the model: press the Home key.

There are other options you can use to manipulate objects in a model, such as hiding the selected object, hiding everything else, zooming, and making objects transparent.

To use these options, select an object, then right-click it to open the Object menu.

The right click menu when in Walkthrough mode.

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