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Reviewing a model stack's properties

Find out how to view a stack's data and remove it from the Models Stacks list.
  1. Select the menu of the model you want to review, then choose Settings.
The Model Stack showing the Settings option.

This opens the Settings for (model stack name) window where you can see the stack’s property data and who the admin is. From here you can either view the stack in the Document Register, or remove it.

Note that:

  • You can only see the View in Document Register button if you already access to the model in the register. 
  • You can only remove a stack if you are the stack’s admin. If you are not, this option won’t be visible.
The Settings for... window.
  1. Select View in Document Register to be taken to the register.
  2. Select Remove. This opens the Remove model stack window. If you click on Remove in this window, you will delete access to all of the model revisions in the model viewer, your organization and all other project members.
 The Remove model stack window.

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