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Upload a new version of a model using the Revit plugin

Use our free Revit plugin to publish models direct from Revit to Aconex.

Note: When accessing Models via the Revit plugin, you’ll only see model stacks that you have permission to edit or administer. See our help on model stack access control for more information.

  1. Open up the model inside Revit and complete any modifications you need to make.
  2. When you’re finished, click on the Aconex tab in the program’s menu ribbon.
  3. Under Publish Model, click on the Connect to Aconex button. You’ll see the login window.
  1. Select your project location, enter your Aconex login details and click Connect.
  1. The Upload to Aconex button activates when you’re successfully connected. Click it. You’ll see the Publish to window.
  1. Select the project to which you want to publish the model, and the model stack you want to update.

(i) When selecting a model stack, a list of people with access to the revision is displayed by default.

Note that, by default, the new version will be available to all members of the project. Follow step 7 to change who can see the version, otherwise go to step 8 to complete the upload.

  1. Uncheck the All organizations on this project box to make a new version available to selected users only. To add more people who you want to share the version with, select Add.
  1. Start typing in the User search field and choose who you want to share the version with, then select Add.
  1. Then, click Publish. The plugin automatically converts the file to the IFC format required by Aconex and uploads the new version. You’ll see a notification that the model has been published.

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