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Understanding model stack access levels

Understand how your Models model stack access level affects what you can do.

To access Models, you need to have the correct Aconex user role settings, which are assigned by your Organization Administrator.

One of these settings controls whether or not you can add model stacks to Models. If you don’t have that access, you will have the Basic privileges explained below.

If you do have access to create model stacks, you will automatically become the Administrator of any model stack you create. See the Administrator privileges below.

You can add Models Editors and Administrators to that stack if you want to. Editors will have the privileges outlined in the Edit column below.

View the model revisionXXX
Navigate the modelXXX
Download the model revisionXXX
Enrich the modelXXX
Update Editor users on the model stackXX
Upload a new model revisionXX
Rename model stackX
Remove model stackX
Update Admin users on the model stackX

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