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Configure Model Stack Fields

Display the information that's important to your project in the model stack list.

If you’re a BIM coordinator or project administrator and involved in configuring the information structure on a project, you can set up model stack fields to display the information that’s important to your project. 

Connected documents from the document register appear in the model stack list here on the left of the screen. By default, there are six fields of information that help you identify these documents:  document number, title, discipline, revision, status and revision date. 

  1. If you’re a Project Administrator, go to Setup > Project Settings.
  1. Now access the Models setup tab.

From here, you can see the six fields that can be changed and below that, a preview of how they’ll look once configured.

A few things to note: 

  • The first field can only be the title or document number.
  • The 2nd field Revision is locked, as you always need to have that displayed.
  • The last field is always a date.
  1. Now, click the Content drop downs to configure the fields with the information you require.
  1. Once you’ve finished setting up your fields, go to the top right to save your configuration. 

The next time anyone on your project views the model stack list, they’ll see that those six fields have been changed. 

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