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Download a model

Download a project model to your computer.
  1. Select the project you’re working on from the Project selector.
  2. Click the Models tab in the module menu.
  3. Find the model you want to download in the Model stacks menu.
  4. Click the menu icon to display the model menu.
  5. Click the download icon.
The download icon
  1. You’ll see the Download page.
  2. Click Show previous versions to see all the versions of the model that are available for download.
  3. Check the box beside the version of the model you want to download to select it.
  4. Click the Download button and follow the prompts to save the file to your computer.
Click the Download button

If you need to view the model you’ve just downloaded, but you don’t have the required software, you can view it in the Models viewer. To do that, you’ll need to upload the downloaded version back into the model stack, so it’s the current model.

Learn how to upload models to Models.

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