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Remove a model stack

Remove a model you no longer need.

Removing a model stack permanently removes it from the Model stacks menu. It remains a part of the project history, but will no longer be accessible to project participants. You cannot retrieve it for viewing unless you contact your Aconex representative, but note that a service fee is associated with retrieving data.

  1. Find the model stack you want to archive in the Model stacks menu.
  2. Click the menu icon and select Model stack settings.
Clicking Model stack settings
  1. The Model stack settings pane appears. Click the Remove button.
Clicking Remove
  1. You’ll see a notification that asks you to confirm that you want to permanently remove the model stack.
  2. Click the red button to confirm removal of the model stack.
  3. You’ll see a confirmation that the model stack has been removed. It will no longer appear in the Model stacks menu.
Removing the model

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