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Upload a new version of a model using Aconex

Upload a new model, or replace an existing model in the stack with the latest version.
  1. Choose the project you want to update in the Project selector.
  2. Click the Models tab in the module menu.
  3. Click the model you want to update in the Model Stacks menu.
  4. Click the menu icon to display the model menu.
  5. Click the Upload icon.
Clicking the Upload icon
  1. Click the Select button and browse for the latest version of the model in IFC format on your computer or local network.

Note that, by default, the new version will be available to all members of the project. Follow step 7 to change who can see the version, otherwise go to step 8 to complete the upload.

  1. Uncheck the All organizations on this project box to make a new version available to selected users only. Type names in the Add more people field to choose who you want to share the version with.
  1. Once you have selected your file and chosen who will see the version, click the Upload button to update the model.

To review the model’s history, click the clock icon in the model toolbar. This shows the history of upload events, including details of users and the dates on which they added models.

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