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Controlling access to Packages

Give user roles permission to create package types or packages, or send packages. You can also use this to give a user Package Administrator rights.

Packages user role permissions

  • Package Administrators and Editors can edit and assign administrators/editors to packages.
  • Package Administrator can close and re-open a package.
  • Viewers are package users, who can view, but not edit, a package’s content.

Who is a package Admin?

But what happens if your only Package Administrator has left the company, or is away and can't be contacted? 

If you, as a Packages user, have been granted Package Administrator permission, you have the same rights as the actual Package Admin who is listed in the Collaborator's tab. This means that you can edit a package - its properties, documents, collaborators, etc, and can close and re-open it even though you are not shown as an official administrator in the Collaborators tab. 

Managing user roles

You can manage a number of permissions that give them access to various Packages features. These are:

  • Creating packages
  • Editing and deleting shared saved searches
  • Package Administrator
  • Sending packages
  • Sharing saved searches.

To change any of these permissions:

  1. Go to Setup and click on Configure User Role Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Packages and set the role’s permissions by selecting:
  • Grant
  • Deny
  • NA.

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