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Creating and deleting Package types

The project-owning organization can create the types of packages the project will use.

This process should be run by a Packages Administrator.

  1. Go to Project Settings, click on Project, then Project Settings and select Package Types.
Project settings showing the current list of package types.
  1. Click on Create Package Type to open the New Package Type window.
  2. Enter a name and three-letter code for the package type.
  3. Click Save.
The New Package Type Fields.

If you need to edit the name or code of a Package Type you can do so using the edit icon by a package’s name. You can access this from Setup/ Project Settings/Package Types.

Deleting Package Types

You can delete package types but only if they haven’t been used yet.  This can be helpful if you’ve dozens of types and want to clean up the list by reducing the amount available. You can see if they haven’t been used by rolling the mouse over a row. If the bin icon appears to the right, then that package can be deleted.

  1. Hover the mouse over the package type you want to delete to see if the delete icon appears. 
  2. Click the Delete icon and then confirm the deletion.
The Delete Package Icon.

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