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Deactivate a Package Type

Stop packages being created with a particular package type.

As a Packages Administrator, you can deactivate a package type, stopping users from creating new packages of that type. Any packages previously created with the package type will remain in use.

  1. Go to Setup and click on Project Settings.
project settings
  1. Click on the Package Types tab.
package types
  1. Select the package type you want to deactivate.
  1. Select Deactivate in the top right corner.
A package type showing the Deactivate button highlighted.
  1. This opens the Deactivate package type window. Select Deactivate.
The Deactivate package type window.

Note that you cannot undo this process once you’ve selected Deactivate.

After you’ve deactivated the package, the word Inactive is grayed out at the top of the screen. If you return to the the main Package Type list you can see the Status column shows Inactive in for that package type.

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