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Package Review progress indicators

We use the colors red, amber and blue to indicate the status of your review. This article explains what these colours mean and how we calculate the status of your package review.

Schedule status in Package Review

Under the Assigned to Me tab, you’ll see the Schedule Status column and the status of your package reviews. We use the colors red, amber and blue to highlight how a review is tracking against its original schedule at each step of the process.

schedule status screen shot

Quickly assess the status of your Package Reviews

The bar chart below shows metrics about package reviews that are currently 'in progress'. In particular it categorises these reviews as either 'Delayed', 'At Risk', or 'On Schedule'.

At the top we see the original due dates, which are the dates each step would be completed if all steps are completed on time. From here we can see how delays in each step effect each other.

REDDelayed - this indicates that the current step is past its original due date. The current reviewers may have missed their deadline, or a delay on a previous step has pushed the current step past its due date.

AMBERAt risk - this indicates that the step is not overdue but was started late (ie started after the previous step’s original due date) because the previous step was completed late.

BLUEOn schedule - the previous step was finished on or ahead of schedule and the current step has not reached its original due date.


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