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What are Package Reviews for?

Streamline review processes with Package Reviews.

Package Reviews can help streamline various review processes, for example, design reviews, shop drawing reviews and squad checks. Package reviews are also used for approvals of various package types including trade packages or handover packages.

How can Package Reviews help?

  • Quickly kick off reviews by using predefined templates outlining specific review processes
  • Ensure the right people are involved by pre-defining who is involved in particular review processes
  • Encourage reviews to be completed on time by setting limits on how long people have to complete reviews
  • Track and manage all Package reviews in progress from a central register within Aconex
  • Ensure accountability by viewing all reviews performed for a particular package along with their history and outcomes

Why use Packages for reviews?

Packages help users in a number of ways:

  • Help ensure that all required documents are taken into account
  • That the correct version of the documents are used
  • Tracking the history of the entire set of documents
  • Simplifying distribution and management of documents by treating them as a set

Incorporating Packages into review processes allows all of these advantages to be leveraged. Simplifying management and tracking of reviews for large numbers of documents.


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