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Setting up package reviews

Learn how to set up and configure package reviews

Setup Working Week

Note that the working week defaults to Monday to Friday. You only need to go here if the working week is different for your project.

  1. Go to Setup > Project Settings
  1. Click the Reviews tab
  1. Go to "Package Reviews"
  1. Set working day

Setup permissions

  1. Go to Setup > Configure User Role Settings
  2. Set role permissions under the "Workflow" heading. The following items apply to Package Reviews:
    1. Create/edit a workflow template
    2. Initiate a workflow
    3. Workflow administrator

Configure a review template

  1. Go to Packages > Manage Review Templates
  1. Click "Create New Template" to create a new template.
  1. Here you can set the parameters of the Review. The parameters should align with your review process.
  • Template Name – To identify the template when using it for Reviews

  • Flow and Participants – Here you can set the different steps for the review process. You can also designate the reviewer for each step and how long they have to respond.
  • Permissions – These determine how much flexibility a user has to adjust template parameters when initiating a review, as well as determining which review submissions reviewers are able to see.
  1. Click "Activate" to save the template so it can be used in reviews

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