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Working with Package Reviews

Learn how to start a review and work with templates.

Starting a review

  1. Locate the Package you wish to review in the Package Register.
  1. Go to the Package Details view by selecting the Package title
  1. Select the package version you wish to review (default is latest version)
  2. Click the "Start a Review" button
  1. Select the desired template for the review

6. If required, adjust parameters of the review template (e.g. step participants, due date or review steps)

  1. Confirm review template parameters are correct
  1. Click the "Attach Files" button to upload any supporting documentation. Files can be drag and dropped in bulk into the upload window.
  1. If any supporting documentation files were uploaded in error, they can be removed by click the red cross.
  1. Submit review
  1. If successful, a message will be displayed and you will be returned to the package details view

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