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Attaching mail when sending a package

Attach mail to a package transmittal.

In some cases, mail within a package can provide evidence of activities. If you need other organizations to be able to access to this, you can send it to them by attaching it to the transmittal. Anyone who can send packages can attach mail in this way.

Attaching mail to package transmittals

  1. Go to the package you want to transmit.
  2. Click Send Package.
  3. Select Attach Package Mail.
The Attach Package Mail button.
  1. Search for the mail you want to attach.
  2. Select the mail.
  3. Click Attach.
An example of some selected mails.
  1. Fill out all the fields as required and click Send.
An example of attachments before sending.

The package’s recipient will find all the attached mails in read-only format within the package transmittal in the Mail Attachments section. 

An example of attached mails.

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