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Bulk uploading, downloading and deleting attachments to a Package

Learn how to add, download and delete non-controlled files in bulk to your Package, without registering them in the Document Register.

The Attachments functionality allows you to easily drag and drop non-controlled files, such as delivery dockets or site photographs, to your Package, without having to register them through the Document Register. You can also use the Package page to download and delete files either singularly or in bulk.

  1. Open a Package from your Package Register.
  2. Open the Attachments tab.
  3. Click on Attach files.
The Drag and Drop panel.
  1. Select the files from a local folder or drop them into the window.
  2. As soon as the files have been processed, click Attach files.
  3. After the files have successfully been attached, click Close.
The Drag and Drop screen showing and upload in process.

Downloading and deleting files

To download or delete files, either singularly or in bulk, select the file or files, then select either Download or More. The More option allows you to delete the files selected.

An example of a list of attachments showing three have been select for bulk downloading or deleting.

Attachments are only visible to your organization and are not part of Package Transmittals.

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