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Create a Package

Group together a set of documents to make a package to use on your project.
  1. Click on the Packages module and select Create New Package.
  1. Complete the package metadata fields:
    • Select a Package Type from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter a Package Title.
    • You need to enter a Package Number. It can be alpha-numeric, containing up to 210 characters.
    • Enter a Revision for the Package. This can be alpha-numeric, up to 15 characters.

The package can be created as an empty container. The package administrator or editor can then add documents to it at a later stage.

You can add documents to the package at this point. If you’re not ready to add any documents, just click Save.

  1. Click on Add Documents.
  1. You will be prompted to add documents from the document register.
  1. Select the documents you wish to include in the package, then click Add in the bottom right corner of the results.

You can only add one version of a document to a package. Note that the maximum number of documents per package is limited to 1000.

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