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Creating Packages in Bulk

Fed up creating packages one by one? Learn how to create them in bulk instead!

Instead of having to create packages one-by-one, you can easily create hundreds or even thousands of packages at once using the Create Packages in Bulk functionality. 

This feature allows you to download a template, which you have to fill out and import back into the system.

Creating Packages in bulk

  1. Go to Packages. 
  2. Click on the Create Packages in Bulk button, in the drop down menu next to New Package
Selecting the Create Packages in Bulk button.

This button is only visible to you if the Create a Package permission has been added to your user role.

  1. Download a template based on the package type you'd like to create packages from. 
The Create Packages in bulk window.
  1. Fill out the template in Excel by creating a single line for each package you want to create. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. 
An example of an Excel file.

If you forget to enter any mandatory information, or if the data is incorrect, or the package number already exists, Aconex will notify you when you try to create the packages. 

  1. Save the template to your local folder. 
  2. Go back to Aconex. 
  3. Click on Choose a File
  4. Select the template you’ve just filled out. 
  5. Click on Create.

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