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Editing packages

Modify a package's name, number, content and metadata.

Re-naming documents and editing package numbers

You can re-name files directly by editing them in the File column when you select the Attachments option on the left. You can also edit Package Numbers. If you do this for a new package, a new version of the package is created. However, previous versions of the package keep the old number. 

Editing a package

  1. Search your Package Register for the package you want to edit. Only package administrators or editors can edit packages.
  2. Click on Edit.

You can remove or add documents from the package and modify some of the package metadata.

  1. Select the checkbox beside the document you want to remove and click remove or just click the x at the right of the document’s row.
  2. To add a new document, click on Add Document.

Note: You can’t add confidential documents to a package.

Only the latest version of a package can be edited.

  1. Click Save and the new version of the package is created and the previous version will appear (as read only) in the package history.

When you have finished editing, consider whether or not you need to give the version a new revision number.

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