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Find and view a package

Anyone in your organization can view a package and its contents.

Anyone in your organization can view a package and its contents (although confidential documents will not display unless the viewer has been given the appropriate permissions).

Opening Packages Register

  1. Click Packages to open your Package Register.
  2. The Package Register lists all packages that have been created in your project.
  3. Click on the Package Title to bring up the Package Details page.

Enabling Packages to be viewed in the Document Register

Using the document register to view documents that are in packages allows you to understand exactly which packages that document belongs to.

  1. From the Document Register, click on Add/Remove columns
  2. Select Packages and move it to Selected Columns. Click OK.

View Package Details

In Package details you can click on the title of a document in the Package, which will be taken to the Document Properties screen for that document.

You can also select specific documents and show them in the Document Register. You can then act on those docs as you would any doc in the register, for example transmit or initiate a workflow.

  1. Select documents in the package
  2. Click the Show in Document Register button.
  1. Search for the documents in the Document Register. If the document belongs to a package, the Packages column will indicate how many packages it belongs to.
  2. Click on the count to be taken to the document properties Packages tab.

This will show you the latest version of the package where your document appears. You can click on the package title and be taken to that version of the package.

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