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Linking mail to packages after sending

Created a mail in the Mail Module instead of the package? This article shows you how to link an existing mail from the Sent folder, and how to remove them. You can also link from the Inbox folder.
  1. Go to the Mail module and open the Sent folder. 
  2. Select the mails you want link to your packages. 
  3. Click on Tools and then on Link to packages.
The Link to packages option in the Tools menu.

After selecting the mail in Sent items and clicking Link to Packages, a pre-filtered Package Register will open. This only displays those packages where you are either the Package Administrator or Editor, and where the Package Types has Mail creation enabled. It also only displays open packages. If you want to link a mail to a closed package, you’ll have to reopen the package. You can filter this list by Package Number, Title and Type.  

The Link to packages window showing some linked and unlinked packages.
  1. Select all those packages you want to link the mail to. 
  2. Click on Link to Packages. When you do this, a reference to the package appears in the mail and the mail itself appears in the appropriate package.
referenced packages

Removing mail from packages

To do this, select the checkbox to the left of the Status column, then click Remove.

Removing mail from packages.

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