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Managing package administrators and editors

Controlling access and edit rights to packages.

All Package users in your organization can view a package and its contents, however you have to specify, by giving permissions, who can modify them. These users are called package editors and administrators.

What's the difference between a package editor and a package administrator?

Package Administrators

A package administrator is the default role for the person who creates the package. They have the right to add, remove or modify the role of a package collaborator, whether an administrator or an editor. They also has the right to close or reopen a package.

Package Editors

A package editor has the right to add or remove other package editors.

Adding collaborators

  1. Click Packages to open your Package Register.
  2. Click on the package you want to modify.
  3. Select Collaborators in the left-hand column.

In the main part of the screen you’ll see a list of editors and administrators for the package. Here you can modify their access level (editor or administrator) or remove their ability to modify the package. You can also add another editor or administrator.

  • To add a new package administrator or editor, enter their name in the Add Person field.
  • Anyone you add will appear as an editor by default. Select an option from the drop down menu to change their access level.
  • To delete a collaborator, click the X.
The Packages administrator and editor list.
  1. Open the Package Register.
  2. Click on Tools. You can then select either Edit Administrators/Editors or Edit the Distribution List.
Selecting Tools, then Edit distribution list.

Editing administrators and editors

To edit the administrators/editors select Edit Administrators/Editors

  1. Add users as administrator or editor.
  2. Edit the access level of the collaborators.
  3. Remove collaborators from the package if required.
The Edit Administrators/Editors window.

Editing the Distribution List

To edit the list click on Edit the Distribution List.

  1. Add users to the list.
  2. Remove users from the list as required.
The Editing the Distribution List window.

Access levels, status and permissions

When adding users as collaborators, they will automatically be added to the distribution list as well, which is the same behavior as within the package. 

Access levels

There are three types of access levels: Administrator, Editor and Mixed

The access level Mixed means, that you might not be a collaborator on all of the selected packages, or that your access level is different. For example, on one of the packages you might be an administrator, on others you might only be an editor. If you have enough permission to change the access level, you could change it from Mixed to Editor for example. This would add you to all of those packages where you are not an editor yet. However, this would downgrade your access level on all of those packages where you are an Administrator. 


There are two statuses for the distribution: On the list and Mixed

On the list means that you are on the distribution list of all of the selected packages. Mixed means that on some of the packages selected you are on the distribution list, but on others you are not. If you change from Mixed to On the list you will be added to the missing ones. 


For permission to edit the access level, the same rules you’d have to edit collaborators within a package would apply. This means that if you are an Editor on one of the packages selected, you won’t be able to add Administrators or to upgrade an existing Editor to Administrator. If you don't have permission to edit the collaborators on all of the selected packages, you’ll see a message telling you.

The permissions warning message.

Administrators AND editors can add/remove editors, but only administrators can add or remove administrators, or upgrade editors to administrators. 

If you don't have permission to edit the collaborators on some of the selected packages, they will automatically be excluded from your selection. 

The message warning you don't have permission to edit the collaborator list.

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