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Managing a Package's Collaborators

Setting up Package administrators and editors.

Anyone in your organization can view a package and its contents but you’ll need to specify who can modify the package.

What's the difference between a package editor and a package administrator?

Package Administrator

A package administrator is the default role for the person who creates the package. They have the right to add, remove or modify the role of a package collaborator, whether an administrator or an editor. They also has the right to close or reopen a package.

Package Editor

A package editor has the right to add or remove other package editors.

Every time you add someone as an administrator or editor, those users are automatically added to the distribution list as well.

Adding collaborators

  1. Click Packages to open your Package Register.
  2. Click on the package you want to modify.
  3. Select Collaborators in the left-hand column.

In the main part of the screen you’ll see a list of editors and administrators for the package. Here you can modify their access level (editor or administrator) or remove their ability to modify the package. You can also add another editor or administrator.

  • To add a new package administrator or editor, enter their name in the Add Person field.
  • Anyone you add will appear as an editor by default. Select an option from the drop down menu to change their access level.
  • To delete a collaborator, click the X.

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