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Update documents in a package

Identify out-of-date documents in a package and update them.

Using the Updates available column, you can see whether or not there have been changes to a document in a package and update it.

  1. In your Package Register you will notice the Updates column. If a package contains documents which have been modified since their inclusion in the package, you’ll see Updates available in the package row. (Otherwise you’ll see Up to date.)
  2. Click on the title of the package with updates available, then go to Documents in the left-hand panel.
  1. You’ll see a list of documents in the package. In the Updates available column, again you’ll see that each document will be either Up to date or display View updates.
  1. Click on View updates to see what has changed in the document. 

The Document Comparison window will open and the document properties for the version in your package compared to the current version in your organization’s Document Register, will be shown. Changed values will be in bold and/or their rows blue.

  1. To update the document(s), close the Document Comparison window and click on Edit.
  1. Select the document(s) to be updated and click on Update to Current Version.
  2. The documents in the package will be instantly updated to the current version. Click Save to create a new package version with the updated documents.

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