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Add recipients to mail

This article describes how you can easily find and add multiple recipients to a Mail.

Finding and adding mail recipients

  1. Start by selecting either the To or CC links. This opens Mail at Search – Directory.  You can also click on the Directory button as shown.
access the directory
  1. Click either:
  • Project – to search for project users (and guests) currently invited to the project.
  • Global – to search all Aconex users and guests.
  1. Now enter your search terms in one or more search criteria fields. In this example the search is for ‘architect’.
  2. Click the Search button. The results are shown below the search fields. When you have a list, you can then add them en-masse using the To, Cc and Bcc options.
  3. To do this, select the checkbox for each recipient or recipient group you want to add. 
  4. Now click the To, Cc and/or Bcc buttons appropriate.
  5. When you do this they are added to the field above, which is now called Recipients. Notice that they are listed as the sending option you selected. The following example shows the mail is being sent to three To recipients and two Cc’d ones. You can remove any of these using the individual Delete icons.
select and add users
recipients selected

The blank area above the search fields will show the recipients when you’ve searched and selected them. Initially you will only see the following message: No recipients currently selected.

  1. When you’ve finished, click OK. This adds all the recipients you’ve selected to the Mail.

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