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Attach files or documents to mail

Find out how to attach a document, a file or another mail to a project mail.

The sections below describe the basics of creating a new email and how to add attachments. Once you’ve finished this process, and have completed all other required fields, click Send.

Should you be attaching a file - or using a transmittal instead?

In most cases, we recommend that you use a transmittal, instead of a mail attachment, when you are sending a document, drawing, report or another file that directly relevant to your project.

For more information see What's the difference between a mail and a transmittal? You can also find out how to upload a document to Aconex, then send (transmit) your document.

Attaching a document or an image to a mail

If you would like to cut and paste or drag and drop an image or document, in Aconex Mail use the Attach function.

  1. Click Mail.
  2. Select New Mail.
  3. Select your mail type.
  4. Click Attach.
  5. Now select Document, Project Mail or Local File to attach a file from your computer, the document register or another project mail.

Attaching a document from your organization's document register

Attach a document from your organization's document register.

  1. Click Document
  2. Search for your document.
  3. Select the document.
  4. Click Attach.
  5. Your document is now listed under Attachments.

Attaching a project mail

  1. Select Project Mail.
  2. Search for the project mail.
  3. Select it.
  4. Click Attach.
  5. Your mail is now listed under Attachments.

Attaching a file from your computer or local network

  1. Click Attach.
  2. Click Local File.
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Find your file.
  5. Click Attach.
  6. Your file is now listed under Attachments.

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