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Create mail

Writing a memo, an RFI, or some general correspondence? You need Aconex Mail.

Creating mail

  1. Click the Mail button on the Module Menu, and under Create New, select Blank Mail.

Some mail types are set up to be automatically sent to certain people. If this is the case, you'll see a green icon. To see who's included in the automatic distribution, select Preview.

  1. Now select an option in the Type field. When you do this, all mandatory fields that have to be completed are shown with an asterisk.
Select a Mail Type
  1. Enter the names of recipients into the To and Cc fields. You can find their names by either:
    • Entering a full or partial user or group name in the Search field, then pressing Enter to see a list of possible recipients you can choose from, or;
    • Clicking the To or CC links and searching the directory.
  1. If required, attach documents, other mail, or local files to the mail.
  1. Click on an  Attributes dropdown, and select one or more values for each attribute, as required.
  1. If required, choose the response type from the Response Required list, and select the respond by date. If these have been set up as mandatory fields by your Project Manager, you won’t be able to send the mail without completing them.
  2. Complete the Subject field with a meaningful description of the content to make it easier to find this mail.

The variety of details you’ll see will depend on the project and the mail type. Some projects do not use Mail Details.

  1. Complete the mail details, if they’re available. Mandatory details are identified with a red asterisk, but the more information you include in the Details section, the easier it will be to find and report on this mail.
    The Details options.
    1. To add other auto text to the body of this mail:
      • Position the cursor where you want the text to be added.
      • Select the auto text name from the list. You can add as many auto text items as required.
    1. Complete the Body field. You can type your message or paste text from another application. Use the Format menu to apply formatting to your text.

    All Aconex mail is automatically scanned for potentially malicious links, encoding, and other obfuscated content when it's sent. If any of these elements are found, they are removed to protect the sender and the recipients. In some instances, this can affect the formatting of some mail.

    1. Click the Send button. Note that if you save your mail to draft, it will be available to anyone in your organization.

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