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Options in mail

Take control of your mail numbering and restrict visibility of your mail

Before sending your mail, Aconex provides a number of Options to view or set certain behavior of that mail.   To begin you’ll need to create a new mail, reply to, or forward an existing mail.

Clicking Options from the top of the page will present you with several options.

mail options

Those options are:

Use auto-numberingSelected by default. Aconex will set the mail number automatically, choosing from the next available number in the sequence defined on your project.
Auto-number mail now - Please select a mail type before choosing this option.Selecting this option and clicking OK, allows you to preview the mail number that will be set for this mail.
Enter my own mail numberSelect this option if you prefer to set your own customized mail number for this mail
Send as confidential mailTick this box so that only the sender, and recipients can view this mail.

Note however some orgs may authorize some of their users to see any confidential mail received by their organization.
Reset Reference No? (Set this mail as the Reference No for all future mails in this thread)This option is only available when replying or forwarding mail, and is useful if you want to manage a separate flow of communication within the current mail thread.

For example, an Architect receives an RFI from the Head Contractor, who forwards it to their Consultant for review. The Architect resets the reference number allowing them to create a 'new thread' from the existing thread. If the orginal thread between the Head Contractor and the Architect is closed out, the new thread between the Architect and Consultant will remain open.

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