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Project Mail overview

Learn more about how mail in Aconex works.

Aconex mail isn't like regular email.

  • Mail delivery is automatic, and assured.
  • There are no limits on the size of mail attachments in Aconex.
  • Once it's sent, mail cannot be deleted from Aconex.
  • Each mail is identified by a unique number which makes mail tracking and reporting easy.

Viewing Mail

  1. Log in to Aconex
  2. Double click the Mail module in the toolbar, or select Mail/Inbox.

By default, you can see all the mail for your organization except those marked as confidential.

Viewing mail sent to you

Select Show my mail only. You can then refine the results using the Search field.

Select My mail only to filter by mail sent directly to you

Why can you see everyone's mail? Find out who can see your mail and documents in Aconex.

Viewing the mail recipients list

Click on the symbol beside To to see the names of all people who received the mail.

Tracking responses to your mail

Whenever someone responds to, or forwards mail, this is added to the mail thread, which you can use track your mail's progress. You can see an example of a mail thread in the following graphic.

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