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Reply to an email notification (as a guest)

Aconex guest users can reply to project mail directly from their email client.

If you don’t have a login for Aconex, but are receiving Aconex email notifications you may have been set up as a guest user. As a guest, you can respond to email notifications from your email program (such as MS Outlook) and the response will be registered back into Aconex. You must ensure you have not changed the sending address or subject line prior to sending. Replies are registered in Aconex with the ‘Email’ mail type. 

As an Aconex user, you can also respond to email notifications if you have set your email notification preference to either Entire Mail body or Entire Mail body with attachments.

  1. Open the notification email from Aconex in your local email program, for example, MS Outlook.
  2. Click the Reply button from your email program.
  3. Enter your reply in the body of the email. Remember: Do NOT change the text in the subject line or remove the existing mail thread, otherwise your reply may not be delivered. 
Mail Reply

Note that when responding, your reply only goes to the sender of the originating Aconex mail: it is not sent to carbon-copied (CC) recipients.

  1. Click the Send button or icon in your email program. Your response will be registered in Aconex.

Using this method relies on email systems rather than Aconex, therefore delivery is subject to delay. We cannot guarantee delivery of email sent directly to an email address, as it is not within the control of Aconex. We recommend obtaining a full user account to manage your Mail entirely within the Aconex platform.

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