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What are Mail Details?

Mail Details capture key information from your project mail.

Mail Details make key information from project mail more accessible. They turn ordinary project correspondence into a rich bank of structured information that’s easy to add to, interpret, search, and report on.

Details are applied on a per-project basis, and configured to specific mail types. Like every other component of the mail, Details are visible to both senders and receivers of the mail.

Your Project Administrator has complete control over Mail Details, through the Mail Forms feature, including:

  • how the fields are created
  • which mail types they’re added to
  • which projects they’re used on.
Mail Details appear in a mail

Mail fields

There are six types of fields you may see in your mail.

Text fields can take up to 60 alphanumeric and special characters.

A text field

Text area fields can accept up to 4000 characters, so you can include more detail.

A text area

Select lists let you choose a single option from a list.

A select list

Number fields let you enter numerical values, like costings or measurements.

A number field

These fields often specify the units you need to enter, so take care when you’re adding numbers.

Yes/no fields let you provide simple yes or no information on a particular aspect of the correspondence.

A Yes/No field

Date fields let you specify dates — without worrying about date formats.

A date field

Using the information that’s captured

Once the information’s captured, searching and reporting on key project metrics is much simpler.

You can search on the content of mail fields, and export the results to Excel as usual.

If a given field is used across different mail types on a project, you can search all of those mail types for that field at the same time.

Mail field appear in the search results
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