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Mark sent mail as your response

Manually set mail as your official response, after its been sent

Your project may be configured with specific mail types that end a process. If so, you'll need to respond with those defined mail types for the mail to be marked as Responded.  

In some cases, it's appropriate to manually mark a mail as responded, after a reply was already sent. For example, you may have accidentally used the incorrect mail type in your reply. This feature allows you to review the replies to a mail before deciding which one is the official response. Then, mark that mail as your response to update the status to Responded.

Required User Role Permissions

  • Make sent mail your Response

Your Organization Administrator may need to grant these permissions to your user role. Also confirm your organization sent the mail you are marking as your response.

Mark your response

  1. Review the replies in a mail thread to locate your official response.
  2. With your response selected, click Actions, then click Make this your Response.
  3. You'll see a message to confirm the action. 
  4. Once confirmed, the mail status will be updated. If there are no other recipients required to respond, the status will be Responded, otherwise, it will be Partial.
  5. A notification will be sent to the recipient(s) of the mail you responded to.
make this your response

Remember, this option is available if:

  • Your organization has received mail that has an outstanding or overdue status.
  • Your organization has replied to that mail.
  • You have permission to mark that mail as your response.

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