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Create a new Supplier Documents package

The first step when requesting documents from one of your suppliers, is to create a supplier document package.

You’ll use this package to specify:

  • the name of your supplier
  • the people in your organization who will receive a copy of the supplier’s documentation
  • the time the supplier can take to respond to your request
  • the time you will take to approve or reject their documents.

First, create the new package

  1. Choose your project from the project selector.
Project Selector
  1. Click Supplier Documents.
  2. Click Package.
Setup menu with select new package highlighted

No Package option? Ask your Org Admin to grant you access to the Supplier Documents Administration Role.

Your Org Admin will need to follow these instructions: Give users in your organization permission to create and manage Supplier Documents requests

  1. In the Number field give your new package a unique number using your organization’s numbering convention.
  2. In the Description field type a description of the documents you’re requesting.
Give your supplier documents package a name and description
  1. In the Supplied by field search for the name of your supplier's organization.


Search for the organization name

If you're not sure how to spell their organization name type the first few letters then click the search icon.

  1. In the Send to field enter the names of the people who will be providing documents.
Add a name

You can add more than one name in this field, if you want your request to be sent to a number of people in the supplier's organization.

Now, edit the transmittal template

When you send your request to the supplier, you (and anyone else in your organization managing this request) will use the same transmittal template. This makes it easier to ensure the right information is being sent to the right people.

  1. Click the View/Edit link.
Supplier Documents transmittal template
  1. Make any changes that you'd like to on the template.
Edit Supplier Documents template

For our template we've filled in the Reason for Issue and the Subject fields. We filled in these two as these tags will apply to every transmittal we send to our supplier. Filling in the template this ways means we don't need to apply the tags every time we send a transmittal. Your project will be set up differently, and will have different fields that you can complete.

  1. Click the OK button.

How long does the supplier have to complete your request?

In the Turnaround field type in how many days the supplier will have to respond to your request. If you reject any documents the supplier transmits to you, then they will have the same time again to respond.

The turnaround

Who do you want the supplier to send their documents to?

By default your name will be listed as one of the recipients. You can add any of your colleagues who should also receive the supplier's transmittal.

Nominate any other colleague

Now, edit the transmittal template the supplier will use

  1. Click View/Edit.
  2. Make any changes that you'd like to on the template.
  3. When you're finished, click the OK button.
Supplier template

For the supplier's template we've added a recipient into the CC field. We also filled in the Reason for Issue and Subject fields. This will make sure every
transmittal sent back from the supplier will be tagged consistently

How long will you take to review the supplier's documents?

In the Turnaround field enter the number of days you will take to review the documents.

Save the package

If the package is:

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