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What is Supplier Documents?

Use Supplier Documents when you need to request a large number of documents from other organizations or from users within your own organization. Watch this video for how it's done.

Supplier Documents track the delivery and acceptance of a contractually agreed document. The module groups documents into packages. These packages are just wrappers. They allow organizations to report at the package level. The process is a one-to-one relationship between two organizations. Each document is tracked independently. The progress of each document provides the overall progress of the package.

For example, an organization is paying $100,000 for the production (delivery) of 1000 documents. The contract demands they need to track key indicators:

  • When was the document requested
  • When was it issued
  • What comments were returned

They need to know when the document is accepted and if any more versions are required.

So, Supplier Documents only tracks documents. A document is a deliverable determined by a contract. For example, a design drawing the structural consultant must provide before the concrete work can start.

Go here for more information on how to use the Supplier Documents Module. 

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