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Calculating Submission and Milestone Dates

Find out about the dates used when submitting and responding to document requests.

The Supplier Documents module calculates when documents should be submitted back and forth between the supplier and the requestor, using the date of the last transmittal/submission.  You can enter this date manually when issuing the transmittal, or it can be entered automatically using the Turnaround Time set up in the package – see the section called Editing the transmittal template for more details.

The Docs Register with the date columns highlighted.

Dates explained

Due In

This is the deadline when the document is due to come back to you based on the last transmittal you issued. For example, if you transmit the documents to another party today, and give them 10 days to respond, the Due In date is 10 days from now. 

Due Out

This represents the date your organization is expected to send the document back out.  For example, if the supplier sends documents to a requestor, the requestor reviews the documents and responds with their feedback. So the Due Out date is the deadline you have to send the documents back by.

Other dates related to submission are recorded in the Docs Register. When the Supplier Documents module is enabled, it makes new attributes available for the Planned Submission Date and the Milestone Date. These are entered directly into the register, but can be viewed in the Supplier Docs module.

Planned Submission Date

This is the date when the final documents are expected to be submitted or completed by.  This often comes from a project schedule.  

Note: this column isn’t visible by default, you have to add it manually using the Add/Remove Columns button.

Milestone Date

This date can be used to track milestones that are important to your project. For example, for a specific phase that applies to the document.

The dates used and shown in the Supplier Docs register are explained below.

An example of the properties tab for a file with the Planned Submission and Milestone dates highlighted.

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