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Cancel your request for a document in a Supplier Documents package

If you decide you don’t need a Supplier Document you’ve requested, cancel it from the package.

If you no longer need a Supplier Document you’ve requested, you can cancel it from the package.

You may need to cancel a document if:

  • the scope of the contract has changed

  • several documents have been merged into one

  • you want to move a document from one Supplier Documents package to another

  • the document was added to the package by mistake

  • the contract has been canceled.
  1. Choose your project from the Project Selector at the top of the page.
Project Selector
  1. Click Supplier Documents in the menu, and under Search, click Supplier Documents.
Search Supplier Documents
  1. Use the search to find the document you want to cancel.
Search Supplier Documents
  1. Select the document you want to cancel by clicking the checkbox to its left.

  2. Click the Initiator Tools button and select Cancel.

Cancel a document from a package in Supplier Documents
  1. A dialog appears. Add a comment that explains why you’re cancelling the document.

  2. Click OK to cancel the document.

When you next view the package’s progress summary, you’ll see that it’s changed. The percentage of the work that’s left to complete excludes documents that are completed and those that have been canceled. So the package’s progress summary will show there’s less work left to complete after you cancel a document.

Note also that the canceled document will now be unlocked in both your and the supplier’s document register, so it can be used in other packages where it’s needed.

Canceled a document by mistake? No problem. Canceling a document doesn’t delete it entirely from the package. To add it back in, select it, click the Initiator Tools button, and:

  • select Initiate Submission to resend it to the supplier, or

  • select Mark as Submitted if it’s ready for your review.

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